2nd project meeting

On the 11th November 2021, the consortium for STEM4CLIM8 hosted their 2nd Transnational Partner Meeting virtually. Attendees were:  Rosa Amaro from CIVIC, Maria Panagiotopoulou from HESO, Meltem Balaban and Arzu Yakar from PAU, Geroge Papaioannou from ATERMON and Gustavo Rojas from NUCLIO.

The meeting represented a nice opportunity for the consortium to meet again, although virtually, and discuss the directions and activities of the project. More specifically, a clear update on the activities of the first and second Intellectual Output, along with important updates on dissemination and quality, were discussed.

The partnership was happy to confirm that all IO1 activities were finalised and that IO2 activities were currently well underway. Overall, the meeting was very productive and the consortium was satisfied with the management and development of the project so far and with the project results produced.

Further updates will follow after the following official meeting, due in May 2022.