NUCLIO - Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia

NUCLIO - Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia - is a non-profit organization that brings together researchers and teachers from the fields of science and education psychology of education and educational sciences, with the aim of promoting innovation in education.

NUCLIO coordinates several international projects, such as: "ASSESS -Empowering Teachers to Design Innovative Assessment Tools in a Digital Era", "Islands Diversity for Science Education", "Dark Skies Rangers" and "PLATON- Promoting Innovative Learning Approaches for the Teaching of Natural Sciences" and participates as a partner in several others, like: rAn - Raising Awareness for Natural Disasters, Astronomers Without Borders, European School Innovation Academy, Open Schools for Open Societies, Global Science Opera, Our Space Our Future, Digital Schools, Frontiers, Go-Lab, GO-GA (Go-Lab Goes Africa), IASC (International Astronomical Search Collaboration), PLATON, PLOAD (Portuguese Language Office of Astronomy for Development), Stories of Tomorrow and Science on Stage, etc.

NUCLIO also coordinates the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP), one of the largest in the world involving over 100 countries.

Since its establishment, the organisation has reached directly over 3,000 teachers at a national level and over 50 000 teachers at a global level. NUCLIO also promotes scientific outreach actions, such as night sky observations and talks with scientists.