About the project

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The problem:

It is no secret that STEM subjects – comprised of the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics – are likely to be key to the economy of the future. As jobs depend increasingly on technology and scientific understanding, so young people will increasingly need to have a strong grounding in STEM subjects at the very least. But beyond that, STEM will likely prove decisive in addressing environmental concerns, protecting society against climate change through greater innovation and necessary technological adjustment.

It is therefore an unfortunate fact that in many countries, teachers report feeling underequipped to teach some STEM subjects properly, leaving their students potentially similarly underequipped when it comes time to enter the world of work, and indeed the broader world, where STEM skills and knowledge might be necessary. This is the clear problem that the STEM4CLIM8 intends to try and address.

The solution:

The STEM4CLIM8 project aims to help remedy the above-stated problem by assembly a special console and related learning materials. The console will function not only as a platform for learning tools, but as a learning tool itself, with programming and creating their own scenarios and games using physical computing. Accompanying this will be a set of lesson plans to support teachers in using this console to deliver relevant and engaging lessons to young people that link up STEM excellence and practical knowledge with a sense of environmental consciousness and awareness. This will all be supported in a more organic way by the STEM4CLIM8 Club, which will allow teachers and other users and practitioners to ask questions, seek advice, and interact with each other to deliver peer-to-peer support and develop the project resources further.

Project objectives:

The project has the following objectives:

  • To support teachers and other educators in developing more practical and engaging approaches to teaching STEM
  • To develop a set of materials and resources that support these new STEM and environmental learning approaches 
  • To promote STEM skills and employability among children and young people, as well as a sense of environmental consciousness
  • To create a community of practice for teachers and other educators in STEM, through a virtual Club, that will be able to share knowledge and broaden the reach of the console and supporting resources